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2019 Benefits Overview




Full-time employees (30 or more hours per week) are eligible to participate with their eligible family

members in the benefits offered by Leiters.


- Spouse or Domestic Partner

- Dependent Children

- Adult Children up to age 26





Full-time employees are eligible to enroll with coverage effective the1st of the month following the date of full-time employment.  Human Resources will provide instructions as to the enrollment procedure.  If you do not enroll yourself and/or your eligible dependents during your initial eligibility period, you will have to wait until the next open enrollment to enroll -- unless you and/or your eligible dependents experience a “qualifying event,” for example, loss of other coverage.





Human Resources will provide you with instruction on how to Enroll through this website.  Please keep in mind that it is not necessary for you and/or your dependents to participate in all benefit plans offered.  You will be given the opportunity to choose whether or not to participate in each plan for yourself and your eligible dependents.  Also, please note that you must enroll yourself and your eligible dependents within a designated time frame that will be provided by Human Resources.




If you or your eligible dependents experience a “qualifying event” (birth, death, marriage, divorce, loss of coverage, etc.), please contact Human Resources immediately so that any required/requested changes can be made within 30 days of the occurrence.




 Medical Plans

Leiters offers you a choice of seven (7) medical plans.  The following charts show what you would pay for selected benefit features on the 7 plans offered.   You will see that the $20 Kaiser Co-Pay HMO plan benefits have not changed, the Kaiser Gold HMO has minor changes (e.g. office co-pay change from $25 to $30, etc.), and the United Healthcare HMO and PPO plans, as well as the Colorado Kaiser HMO, have changes for 2019 that are reflected in the charts.  For more complete descriptions (including out-of-network benefits), please refer to the Summaries of Plan Benefits.



Please note: PPO plans are available inside and outside California.  HMO plans (with the exception of the Colorado Kaiser plan) are available to California residents only.  The Kaiser Colorado plan is available to residents of select Colorado counties only.


Benefit Features

Kaiser Gold 80 0/30


Kaiser $20 Copay HMO

UnitedHealthcare Silver 2250 HMO


Benefit Features


Platinum PPO $250 Deductible


Gold PPO $750 Deductible

UnitedHealthcare Silver PPO $1,500 Deductible


Benefit Features

Kaiser Colorado Platinum 0/20 HMO








GOLD 80 0/30 HMO Plan

You will pay a total of $103.46 per month for Employee Only coverage, deducted from payroll every

2 weeks on a pre-tax basis.  Dependent coverage is available with Leiters paying 30% of the cost

of each dependent based on dependent’s age.  Please refer here for monthly dependent rates.


$20 Copayment HMO Plan

You will pay a total of $170.50 per month for Employee Only coverage, deducted from payroll every

2 weeks on a pre-tax basis.  Dependent coverage is available with Leiters paying 16% of the cost. 

Please refer here for employee-with-dependent rates.






United Healthcare HMO and PPO Plans

Please refer here for monthly employee and dependent rates.  Leiters pays 30% of the dependent cost.







Kaiser Platinium 0/20 HMO

This plan is for Colorado residents only.  You will pay a total of $103.46 per month for Employee Only coverage, deducted from payroll every 2 weeks on a pre-tax basis.  Dependent coverage is available with Leiters paying 30% the of cost.  Please refer here for monthly dependent rates.


Please note:  Leiters contribution to dependent coverage is already factored into all medical plan rate grids.

Dental Plan


Group Dental insurance is provided for you and your dependents by Principal Employee Benefits.   With the Principal dental plan, you are free to use the dentist of your choice.  However, if you choose a dentist within Principal's network you may save money.  To find a dentist in your area, please visit Principal.   Costs of services rendered by out-of-network dentists are based on Usual, Customary, and Reasonable (UCR) limits.  For 2019, Leiters has increased the reimbursement level for out-of-network services to the 99th percentile of UCR.  This will minimize the chance of balance billing when using non-network dentists.  For a more complete description of coverage please refer to the Summary of Plan Benefits.

Principal Logo.jpg


You will pay $12.54 per month for Employee Only Coverage, deducted from payroll every 2 weeks on a pre-tax basis.  Leiters contributes to the dependent cost which is factored into the following rates:

Employee Only

Employee + 1 Dependent

Employee + 2 or more Dependents




Vision Care



Leiters provides you with vision care through VSP.  Please refer to the Summary of Plan Benefits for a more complete description of coverage.



You will pay $1.57 per month for Employee Only Coverage, deducted from payroll every 2 weeks on a pre-tax basis.  Leiters contributes to the dependent cost, which is factored into the following rates:


Employee + Spouse

Employee + Child(ren)






Life Insurance / AD&D



Leiters provides eligible employees group life insurance which is paid 100% by Leiter's up to the amounts shown on the chart below. 



Principal Logo.jpg

Please note benefit age reduction:  35% reduction at age 70 and an additional 20% reduction at age 75.


Increase Your Life Insurance Protection:  You can increase the amount of your life insurance protection through Principal with their Voluntary Term Life Benefit.  You may access a complete description of the Principal Voluntary Term Life Benefit here.  For rates, click here for employee only and here for dependent rates.

Voluntary Long Term Disability




Leiters provides employees the opportunity to secure long term disability coverage that, in the event you become disabled, will cover 60% of your pre-disability earnings up to $10,000 per month.  Please refer here for a complete description of this benefit, and here for costs.

Principal Logo.jpg


Employee Assistance Program


When you participate in the Voluntary Long Term Disability Program, you will have access to the Magellan Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  With an EAP, you and your family will have access to a number of free, confidential resources designed to promote personal well-being. Please refer here for more information on your EAP benefit.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)






An FSA is a payroll deduction plan that allows you to put aside a portion of your earnings to pay

for HealthCare and/or Dependent care on a pre-tax basis. 


You may elect up to $2,700 per year for healthcare and up to $5,000 per year for dependent care. Please refer here for more information.  Please refer to a Sample of Eligible Expenses for the HealthCare FSA here.


Please note that your 2018 FSA election does not automatically renew for 2019.  If you wish to participate in the FSA program for 2019, you must make a new election.


Legal Service Plan and Identity Theft Plans



By enrolling in and becoming a member of LegalShield, you will be able to access legal counsel and advice from qualified lawyers simply by calling a toll-free number.  Please refer here for more information and to subscribe directly to LegalShield.

Questions on Benefit Plans or Changes?


Please contact our broker, Vincent Baxter, at (408) 249-5678 or at  A benefits representative will be on-site in San Jose to answer questions on Wednesday, November 14th, and Tuesday, November 20th, starting at 11:00 AM.  A benefits representative will be available on-site in Denver on Monday, November 19th starting at 12:00 noon.  Human Resources will arrange for Question and Answer/Orientation sessions at other locations as well.

Complete and Submit Your 2019 Open Enrollment Form Online


Your 2019 Open Enrollment form should be submitted by Monday, November 26th.  Please access the Election Form here.  Human Resources will provide you with the password.  (Please note: If you and all your eligible dependents are currently enrolled in the medical, dental and vision plans, and you are making no changes to these benefits, you will only have to complete the EXPRESS OPEN ENROLLMENT section of the election form.  You would then skip down to the FSA section if you wish to enroll in the FSA benefits).  Don't forget to submit your form (at the bottom of the form).



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